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The ICA has a Procedure governing arbitration conducted in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law  (UNCITRAL).

UNCITRAL deals with the promotion of international trade and investment.

An arbitration procedure conducted in accordance with the UNCITRAL RULES is not administered arbitration, but ad hoc (see the FAQ).

The UNCITRAL arbitration rules contain a full set of procedural standards, on which the parties can agree before conducting a commercial arbitration procedure.

The UNCITRAL arbitration rules were first adopted in 1976. They are used to resolve a wide range of disputes, including disagreements between private commercial parties in which no arbitration body is involved, disputes between investors and governments, State to State disputes, and commercial disputes administered by arbitration bodies.

In essence, the International Chamber of Arbitration (ICA) can, if requested, provide assistance with UNCITRAL arbitration procedures, including:

– the appointment of arbitrators;

– advice on costs;

– additional services such as arranging hearings, administering the arbitration file, appointing procedural experts, and the financial management of the procedure.

The parties can choose the individual services they require, based on their own needs.

We are pleased to share the mission of UNCITRAL, as declared on its website: “In a global, interdependent world where everything is connected economically, it is essential to promote and encourage regulatory framework in order to favour international trade and investment. The UN Commission on International Trade, which was founded by the UN General Assembly Resolution No. 2205 (XXI) on 17 December 1966 (Annex I) plays an important role in developing this framework, in line with its mandate of promoting the gradual harmonisation and modernisation of international trade law by drafting and circulating legislative and non-legislative instruments in strategic areas of commercial law”.

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