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The International Chamber of Arbitration was established in Rome with the aim of supporting Italian and international companies to rapidly resolve disputes in their commercial and corporate relations, through arbitration.

To do this, it relies on its decades of experience in ADR, operating as a Mediation Centre (link to the Primavera Forense site), a high level of specialist expertise, and its strategic organisation that assures the rapid, profitable resolution of business-to-business disputes.

The service mainly addresses small and medium-sized Italian firms seeking to operate in foreign markets, or foreign companies looking to operate in Italy. In general, it is suited to companies who want a fast, efficient solution to contractual issues, and to focus on their business.
In the global economic system, which offers excellent growth opportunities for Italian SMEs but also several risks connected to cross-border contractual relations, the ICA is committed to supporting companies through its arbitration procedures, in finding competent, rapid solutions to corporate disputes concerning contracts, trade, sub-supplies, leasing and corporate real estate.

In addition to a tried and tested, efficient administration, our strategic assets are our arbitrators: they are highly qualified professionals specialising in the legal aspects of business, and have recognised experience in ADR. They are all bound by the principle of independence and are required to observe strict professional codes of conduct.

The I.C.A. Rules of arbitration
combine the typical benefits of
institutional arbitration
with its own characteristics of
reliability and flexibility.

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